Morgan Thompson has been design-obsessed, as far back as she can remember. Always designing spaces in her head and helping friends and family make their places feel more like home. She appreciates all styles and is a huge believer that a home should be a true reflection of its inhabitants. Every home has the potential to be something beautiful and hiring a designer to help with the process doesn’t need to be intimidating.

Morgan lives in Franklin, TN with her college sweetheart, Josh, and their two daughters, Issie and Isla.  Originally from California but raised in Tennessee. Born into the music business and now married to it. . . it makes sense that she never felt the need to move away from her hometown of Nashville. She spent her life surrounded by family and friends who turned their passions into careers and is thankful to be doing the same.


As administrative assistant, seamstress, DIYer and queen of “etc.,” Kathy brings a long and well rounded list of skills to Morgan Thompson Interiors. Until being married in to the music business Kathy was homegrown in Indiana. From there she and her husband, Mark, lived in the artistic community of Laguna Beach, California for several years. Moves and travels across the globe have expanded Kathy’s eye for art, architecture and design.  

Kathy currently lives in Spring Hill, Tennessee and loves being “Kiki” to her grandchildren and mom to Morgan and her sister, Taylor.  



"Exceeded my (very high) expectations!"

I can not begin to tell you just how good Morgan is at what she does. She has turned our house, into a home.  We asked for bright, fresh and warm and cozy and somehow she nailed it! No detail was overlooked. I do not remember the last time I hired someone to do something and was this happy with the results. We got more than our money's worth. Morgan really exceeded my (very high) expectations!

- C.K.
"I call her my Design Fairy!"

Honestly, I can't say enough great things about Morgan. She is not only very talented when it comes to designing spaces but she also has a real knack for understanding her clients and making their visions a reality. I've been working with Morgan for 2 years. She's helped me with staging my home to go on the market (and it sold within a week) and then transforming my new house into something that is more 'us.' I love working with Morgan. In fact, I call her my Design Fairy!

      - C.L.
"She helped bring our dream into reality"

Morgan has been the biggest help with the huge task of decorating our home!! She has transformed our guest room from a room that I was pretty embarrassed about into a gorgeous, warm and inviting room that guests will love to stay in.  The nursery she helped create for our sweet baby girl on the way has blown me away!! It is everything I ever imagined and she helped bring our dream into reality. We absolutely love it! 
Thank you Morgan for helping bring out the beauty in our home! 

      - T.M.